Fees & Salaries

  • Babysitting Services

    Agency Fee:

    1. $25 per sitter per day.
    1. $300 annual membership (this entitles you to year round request for a sitter; additional due if requesting more than one sitter at a time; 48 hours advance notice required).

    Sitter Fees: Family pays the sitter(s) directly. Based on the cost of living and minimum wage laws, below are the recommended rates for quality babysitters referred by Signet Nannies:

    Number of Children

    Rates ($) (hourly)


    13 – 15


    16 – 18


    19 – 21


    22 – 24

     Nanny Services

    Agency Fees:  12 – 18% of Nanny’s gross annual income & compensation package.

    Signet Nannies has designed three different fee structures that our clients can choose from:

    1. Standard – 12% of the gross income of the nanny; 30 – day replacement guarantee.
    2. Plus – 15% of the nanny’s gross income; 90 – day replacement guarantee.
    3. Premium – 18% of the nanny’s gross income; 180 – day replacement guarantee.

    Nanny Salaries: Family determines nanny rate. Clients pay their nanny directly, usually on a weekly basis, unless agreed otherwise.Several factors such as type of nanny, number of children and responsibilities play a role in determining nanny rates.

    Based on the cost of living and minimum wage laws, $15 – $18 per hour is the minimum recommended rate for professional and quality nannies referred by Signet Nannies.

    There is a $150 non-refundable fee to begin a nanny search. This fee is due after the 1st stage of the placement process. The fee is applied towards the placement fee upon finding your nanny through Signet Nannies.

    Payroll & Taxes

    Signet Nannies has partnered with HomePay to offer tax and employer obligation consultation.

    HomePay, Provided by Breedlove is the nation’s leading payroll and tax firm for household employers. Families that hire a nanny, senior caregiver, or other domestic worker use HomePay’s comprehensive service to ensure their employee is paid accurately and on time each pay period. The company also prepares and files federal and state tax returns for each client and handles the year-end tax requirements, including preparing a W-2 for the employee. Click on the link below to learn more:


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