Our Process

    1. We get to know you: If after reviewing your application, Signet Nannies determines that you may be a potential candidate for representation, we will invite you in for a face-to-face interview to get to know you, your background, and what you are looking for in a family and position.

    2. We find the right family for you: Based on your specific criteria, we match you with families who are looking for someone like you. Once we have found you a potential position, we submit your nanny profile to be reviewed by the family. If a family would like to meet you, we coordinate and schedule all interviews. After the interview, we follow up with both you and the family.

    3. Job Offer & Signed Contract: Should a family decide to extend an offer of employment with them and you accept, Signet Nannies will guide you through the nanny / family work agreement which define the layout of the employment relationship, expected schedule, daily duties, house rules, salary and any other topics discussed and agreed upon between the two parties. This is meant to protect both parties and to document the specifics agreed upon in the offer.

    4. Follow-Up: Signet Nannies is here to support you. Once hired, we will check in to see how things are going, inform you of nanny-related educational opportunities within the industry.