Childcare is one of the most important decisions a family will make.

Welcome to the home of the best nanny agency in Atlanta. We are guided by principles such as respect,
collaboration, affordability and integrity. We work diligently to ensure that families are matched with
the right fit caregiver. Whether you’re searching for a live-in, live-out, part-time, full-time or temporary
nanny, we’ll provide you with a nanny who will meet your family’s specific needs.

We’re committed to making an impact that is positive on families as well as fostering a long term
relationship that is healthy with both our clients as well as nannies.

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Hire a qualified nanny

Finding a good nanny for your family can be time consuming and involving. We’ll save you the time and

We’re one of the best nanny services Atlanta that families trust to find reliable solutions for their
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well as information and resources on your responsibilities as an employer including taxes, payroll and
compliance for a smoother long term work relationship.
Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Only qualified professionals for our clients

We are committed to guiding you through the placement process and beyond to save you time and effort. We strive to only present high quality candidates who fit your needs. We offer interview guidelines, work agreement guidelines, information and resources on your responsibility as a domestic employer including payroll, taxes and compliance. Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

International Affiliation

As an associate member of the International Nanny Association, Signet Nannies has agreed to abide by INA’s commitment to Professional Excellence and Recommended Practices. The satisfaction of our clients is our number 1 priority.

About the owner

Cindy is a dedicated mother, wife and an entrepreneur with a natural ability to connect with children of different ages and background. She has enjoyed working with children all her life and always seeks their welfare.

From High School and beyond, she has worked with children at different levels: a childcare volunteer at her local church, a pupil teacher, a nanny / sitter with various families. She is presently an assistant at the children’s ministry of her local church.

As a mother and an individual with experience working with children, she understands the importance of having the right individual care for your loved ones. She personally interviews all potential caregivers and ensures that the agency only represents high quality nannies within the industry.

Connect with Cindy at:

From Our Clients

I am a mother of 2 young children. My son was very ill with chronic respiratory infections and hospitalizations. He had severe separation anxiety. Cindy was our Mary Poppins. She has an unlimited amount of patience, knowledge, cheery and nurturing. Not only did she care for my children as her own, she cared for their parents as well. Any child is lucky to have her their in their lives.

Stephany Maas Heller

I have known Cindy for about three years now. I first met her in church where she took care of my sons and other children in the Saved Ministry (Children’s church). She is a dedicated and loving person. She is patient with children and she shows love and concern to the children under her care. I have learned a lot from Cindy as a child care professional and I still get amazed by how she handles behaviors that could have otherwise been a challenge. She inspires me as I try to emulate her calmness in the field of childcare.


It’s my pleasure to recommend Cindy’s Nanny Company to work with families. My name is Fatima Mackoy I met Cindy about 12 years ago; and she worked with me occasionally, as I needed.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Cindy, and came to know her as a valuable asset to any team work. Cindy is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive person related to giving and caring for people who she works for.
Along with her ability of good work she has an undeniable talent of making children laugh by entertaining them any way she can. Always smiling, she has always been an absolute joy to work with.
Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Cindy’s Nanny Company to everyone who needs help with their family. As a dedicated and knowledgeable person, she will carefully choose the right caregiver for the family.
Please feel free to contact me for additional information. I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation.

Fatima Mackoy

Cindy came to Atlanta about 17 years ago from Ghana when North Atlanta Rotary Club sponsored her and paid for one year’s tuition to Oglethorpe University.  Being an industrious young lady she sought out various scholarships, did babysitting, house sitting, etc. to put herself through the other 3 years and graduated from Oglethorpe.

After finishing school she got a job, married and now has a little 2 year old daughter.  Anyone who knows Cindy loves her!  I know her to be honest, kind, reliable and enthusiastic.  She will be a success at whatever she sets her mind to do!  Don’t hesitate to call me for a reference.

Starr Millen
404 252-9380.